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New Developments

11/7/2024 8:35 AM

Enhanced Features and Improved Security

In this latest update, we’ve introduced several new features and fixes to enhance your experience:

- Titles added for hidden widgets;

- Improved chatbot responses when unsure of answers;

- Feedback emails sent to users who rate the chatbot or widget;

- Redesigned "New Developments" and "Billing" pages;

- Added "About Us" page and Gieni 2.0 updates to the landing page;

- Enhanced security against SQL injection attacks;

- Fixed various bugs, including title bar overlap and column value issues.

Thank you for your continued support!

18/6/2024 9:05 AM

New Features and Improved Security

In this latest update, we’ve introduced several new features and fixes to enhance your experience:

- Added a new histogram widget type;

- Strengthened password creation requirements for better security;

- Redesigned dashboard appearance when all widgets are hidden;

- Updated chatbot replies to display full answers;

- Removed the trial plan and introduced a new Free Plan;

- Fixed redundant characters in dashboard titles and error messages in chat history;

- Added the ability to leave a request for more data through the Contact form.

Thank you for your continued support!

28/5/2024 12:40 PM

Gieni: Enhanced Security and User Experience Improvements

In this latest update, we've made several improvements to enhance your experience:

- You can now easily deactivate or activate your account;

- For added security, users will be logged out after 7 days of inactivity;

- Enhanced protection for chatbot and dashboard data;

- Integration with Sentry for better error tracking;

- Bug fixes, including correct German translations and resolved scrolling issues on the landing page.

14/5/2024 11:10 AM

Gieni: Introducing Password Reset, Email Change and More

In this release, we introduce the highly anticipated Password Reset functionality, allowing users to securely reset their passwords.

Additionally, users can now change their email address directly from the Profile Settings.

Several user interface enhancements have been made in this release. Styling adjustments have been made to the Cookiebot on the Landing page, and animations have been optimized for both the landing page and the application.

This release includes bug fixes to improve the overall user experience. A discrepancy in the number of machines in the link versus the number per modal has been resolved.

Additionally, the Snackbar for notifying about new release notes has been updated, and a Feedback modal has been added for improved user engagement.

Work continues on exploring methods to protect chatbot and dashboard data.

12/4/2024 12:00 AM

Gieni April Update

Welcome to the April Update!

This release brings enhancements like improved dashboard headers, and better error handling for 3D Secure transactions. Plus, enjoy fixes for Google Search Console issues and enhanced AI capabilities.

Join us now for a smoother Gieni experience!

19/3/2024 10:25 AM

Gieni Plus Expansion

Gieni Plus Expansion is here!

Enjoy improved features like enhanced dashboard interactions, optimized background animations, and better compatibility with special characters.

Go now for a smoother, more dynamic Gieni experience!

28/2/2024 11:05 AM

Gieni Beta Boost 2.0

Welcome to Gieni Beta Boost 2.0!

This release introduces enhancements like the Orange Bar Chart display, User Profile page, and improved Treemap. Plus, enjoy smoother navigation with updated content on legal pages and better error handling.

Step in now for an even better Gieni experience!

20/2/2024 12:55 PM

Welcome to Open Beta Mode!

Introducing Gieni Plus Update!

Enhancements include Google Auth integration, improved widget views, and enhanced user authentication. Enjoy added features like keyboard shortcuts, and personalized chatbot experiences.

Try now for smoother navigation and better user control!

13/2/2024 9:00 AM

Gieni Enhancement Wave

Dive into the Gieni Enhancement Wave!

This release brings improvements like Salesforce integration, enhanced widget data handling, and expanded chatbot capabilities. Enjoy better filtering options, updated chat formatting, and streamlined navigation. Plus, discover visual enhancements like legends for Heat Maps and improved widget visibility controls.

Ask a smart assistant called Gieni now for a smoother and more powerful experience!

1/2/2024 10:10 AM

Gieni Beta Boost

Welcome to Gieni Beta Boost!

In this release, we've added exciting features like comparing items, dynamic widget resizing, and drag-and-drop functionality. Experience improved analytics integration, enhanced tooltips, and smoother navigation. Plus, enjoy refined design elements and better accessibility options.

Jump into the app now for a more intuitive and powerful Gieni experience!

25/1/2024 11:45 AM

Gieni Beta Blast

Introducing the Closed Beta Phase of Gieni!

Experience enhanced functionality with features like dynamic widgets, improved chatbot responses, streamlined navigation, and better performance. Customize your dashboard, and explore new map view types. Plus, we've fixed various bugs for a smoother user experience.

Hurry up and take your productivity to new heights!

21/12/2023 12:15 PM

Gieni's Launchpad Essentials

Welcome to the MVP version of Gieni!

This release brings enhanced functionality to elevate your experience. Enjoy dynamic dashboard updates, streamlined signup processes, engaging follow-up questions, and seamless navigation with our new sidebar. Plus, stabilize your chatbot experience and explore insightful data visualizations.

Go to chatbot now for a smarter, smoother journey!

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