Germany: The CNC European Champion
7/1/2024 12:23 PM

Germany: The CNC European Champion

Gieni has recently entered its Open Beta phase, offering the public valuable insights into the global manufacturing market. This prompted us to engage directly with Gieni, asking critical questions about the CNC machine market in Europe. One key question was: where is the largest addressable market for CNC machines in Europe?

Data was collected from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Gieni's extensive database, containing information from over 380 million websites worldwide, is continuously updated by a web crawler.

Germany stands out with the largest market for CNC machines in Europe, as measured by the number of employees in the industry. According to Gieni, Germany employs a total of 559,200 people in the CNC sector, primarily serving the automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, and construction machinery industries.

This equates to approximately 661 employees per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest ratio among EU countries. Gieni's market report also reveals that Germany has 235,425 CNC machines distributed across 20,096 manufacturers throughout the country.

Switzerland: A Surprising Runner-Up

Germany's industrial dominance is well-known, but Switzerland presents a surprising challenge relative to its population size. According to Gieni's market report, Switzerland has 54,000 employees working in 2,498 CNC companies. This translates to approximately 620 workers per 100,000 inhabitants, making it a strong contender in the CNC industry. These workers operate a total of 32,495 CNC machines, placing Switzerland second in the European rankings.

The Czech Republic, despite its smaller population, ranks third in the CNC market. It boasts around 46,200 employees in 1,687 manufacturers, operating 24,745 CNC machines. This equates to about 440 employees per 100,000 inhabitants.

Austria follows closely behind the Czech Republic, with approximately 29,700 employees in 1,187 manufacturers, managing 11,856 CNC machines. This results in about 332 CNC employees per 100,000 inhabitants.

Denmark ranks fifth, with around 15,900 employees working in 602 companies on a total of 8,204 CNC machines. For Denmark, this means 271 employees per 100,000 inhabitants.

These figures highlight the significant presence and competitiveness of the CNC industry across different European countries, with Switzerland emerging as a noteworthy runner-up to Germany.

Overall Table Overview: Spain's CNC Market Compared to Luxembourg

Spain, despite its large population of around 47 million, ranks lowest in the CNC machine market within the EU according to Gieni's analysis. Only 15 out of every 100,000 Spaniards are employed in the CNC industry, translating to roughly 7,300 employees in 292 manufacturers operating 2,680 machines.

Luxembourg, while expectedly lower in the overall ranking due to its smaller size, has a significantly higher share of CNC employment compared to Spain. With 47 employees per 100,000 inhabitants, Luxembourg's eight companies employ about 300 people and own 74 machines.

Portugal, with a population of approximately 10.3 million, ranks closer to the Czech Republic in size. However, its CNC employment is much lower, with 60 employees per 100,000 inhabitants. This equates to about 6,200 employees working for 181 employers, who collectively operate 1,853 machines.

These figures illustrate the varying degrees of CNC industry presence across European countries, highlighting Spain's unexpectedly small market compared to even much smaller nations like Luxembourg.

Overview Map of the CNC Market in Europe

Italy Has the Second Highest Addressable Market

Gieni's data also highlights the addressable market, indicating the total revenue potential available to specific industries in dollars. Unsurprisingly, Germany tops the list as the CNC giant with a potential market value of approximately 3.99 billion dollars.

Italy, however, secures the second spot in this European comparison. Although Italy ranks seventh in terms of employees per 100,000 inhabitants, it boasts a remarkable revenue potential of 1.48 billion dollars. Switzerland follows with an addressable market valued at around 841 million dollars.

France ranks fourth with a potential of approximately 677 million dollars, while Poland takes the fifth spot with an estimated 537 million dollars.

For more details, you can explore Gieni's Open Beta version here: Gieni


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