Poland Electronics CNC Manufacturing
6/11/2024 4:29 PM

Poland's Leading CNC Manufacturers Supplying the Electronic Industry

Discover the dynamic and robust CNC manufacturing sector in Poland that plays a crucial role in the electronic industry. With 458 specialized manufacturers, Poland’s industrial landscape is diverse and technologically advanced. In this article, we dive into key manufacturers like Tech Project, Radmot, and Metalmill, explore the top machine brands and models they use, and provide insights into the regional distribution and market value. Learn how Poland's skilled workforce and historical growth have positioned the country as a pivotal player in the electronic manufacturing sector.

Where are manufacturers in Poland that supply the electronic industry?

Manufacturers in Poland Supplying the Electronic Industry

Poland is home to a significant number of manufacturers (Fertiger) that cater to the electronic industry. With a total of 458 manufacturers, the country has established itself as a vital player in this sector. These manufacturers are not only numerous but also diverse, offering a wide range of services and products to meet the needs of the electronic industry. Key Manufacturers. Here are some notable manufacturers in Poland: Rem-Form: Located in Poland, this company employs 12 people and was founded in 1980. They have 11 machines and specialize in working with the Hermle C 42 U. Their website is Funke GmbH & Co. Kg: This manufacturer employs 50 people and has 10 machines. They are known for working with the Dmg Mori DMU 75 MONOBLOCK. More information can be found on their website Progres Cnc: With 10 employees and 7 machines, Progres Cnc specializes in working with the Wenzel LH 65. Their website is Grilex Sp. Z O.O.: This company employs 25 people and has 5 machines, working primarily with the Pinnacle PVR1100C. Visit their website at Omag: Founded in 1969, Omag employs 50 people and has 3 machines. They specialize in working with the Mazak VARIAXIS I-600. Their website is Industry Insights. The electronic industry in Poland is supported by a robust infrastructure, including 5148 machines and a workforce of 15100 employees. The industry benefits from the presence of top machine brands such as Haas, Mazak, Amada, Dmg Mori, Dn Solutions, Trumpf, and Okuma. Popular machine models include the ESH3013 (Amada), 15 X 50 (Cincinnati Gilbert), VF-2 (Haas), VF-3 (Haas), SL20 (Haas), VF-3SS (Haas), and CRX-5 (Fanuc). Regional Distribution. The manufacturers are spread across various regions in Poland, each contributing significantly to the industry: Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship: Employs 10000370 people and has an addressable market of $12,449,810. Greater Poland Voivodeship: Employs 3786 people with a market size of $21,604,090. Masovian Voivodeship: Employs 765 people and has a market size of $20,505,580. Lesser Poland Voivodeship: Employs 695 people with a market size of $12,815,990. Silesian Voivodeship: Employs 482 people and has a market size of $30,026,020. Historical Perspective. The foundation years of these manufacturers span several decades, indicating a long-standing tradition of excellence and innovation in the electronic industry. The oldest companies date back to the early 20th century, while new entrants continue to emerge, ensuring a dynamic and competitive market. In conclusion, Poland's electronic industry is well-supported by a network of skilled manufacturers, advanced machinery, and a dedicated workforce. This makes it a significant hub for electronic manufacturing in Europe. Ask Gieni for more insights

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