Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gieni?

Gieni is the world's first and only chat-based tool for B2B and industry. In our AI chatbot, you can currently ask very specific questions about the CNC manufacturing industry and receive unprecedented deep market insights from our specialized database. Gieni AI thinks along with you and provides additional interesting answers relevant to your question, creating a comprehensive dashboard. Gieni is an innovative AI project currently serving the CNC manufacturing industry, constantly evolving every second and expanding into other industry sectors based on this experience. We will introduce new areas to you in the near future.

How can Gieni help me?

Have you always wanted to know where 5-axis milling machines are used in Germany, or where turned parts are manufactured in Brazil, or which CNC machines of a specific brand and type are mainly used in Turkey, or where in Italy there are CNC manufacturers producing brass turned parts in large series, etc., up to which machine is most commonly used in Romania? If you have individual questions about the CNC manufacturing industry, Gieni is happy to help you and provide precise answers. With these valid data, you can strategically expand your market share, analyze your competition, optimize your sales, launch your new product more effectively, and successfully steer your innovations. Gieni is the world's largest CNC-specialized database, constantly growing and capable of delivering more and even more precise valuable answers.

What is the goal of Gieni?

Gieni is an AI project currently focusing on the CNC manufacturing industry. We aim to actively support this huge and complex industry sector with intelligent tools in the ongoing process of digitization. Our CNC project is well advanced but constantly growing, and we are striving for perfection. Nevertheless, we are already working in parallel on additional industry sectors. Our LLM (Large Language Model) and algorithms are designed so that we can practically apply our AI in almost any industry. We want to continue learning, growing, and deploying our intelligent AI-based tools supportively in as many areas as possible.

How can I use Gieni?

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