AI and customer service
5/22/2024 10:52 AM

AI and customer service: Only 14 of the 50 largest online stores offer AI based customer support chatbots

Artificial intelligence can be applied for a variety of uses - especially in customer service, AI based technology offers great advantages. As online stores are available around the clock, AI-based chatbots for customer service are particularly helpful, as they can be available 24/7 for any issues customers might have. We were intrigued to discover, how many of the 50 largest online shops in Germany are already leveraging this technology to offer their customers support day and night. The result: merely 14 stores have set up chatbots to support consumers with their requests. The most widespread contact options remain to be email, telephone and contact forms.

Email is the most popular way to contact online shops

All of the 50 largest German online shops provide an email address for any questions or issues. 45 of the stores we examined also offer a hotline - putting this option in second place. In third place is the contact form, which is employed by 37 online shops.

Whatsapp and callback services bring up the rear of the ranking: only 16 per cent of the most popular German online shops offer these two contact options. Customer or live chats and chatbots follow at a considerable distance, but still in penultimate place: 28 per cent of companies offer chats with service employees and/or a chatbot. In third-to-last place is the old-school fax machine: half of the companies still have a fax number for customer support.

Notebooksbilliger offers the most contact options

On average, the online shops analysed offer four different ways to contact customer support. The winner of our ranking is notebooksbilliger: Customers can reach customer service of this laptops and electronics store via seven of the eight contact options surveyed. However, the store does not employ any chatbots. Second place is shared by Otto, Zalando and Shop-Apotheke with six different contact options. In contrast, Best Secret, Douglas and Flaschenpost offer the fewest contact options - with just two channels for customer service.

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